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Ice fishing can be a relaxing or an adventurous sport. But it takes some time to learn how to catch the fish.

Which requires high quality and durable ice fishing rod, without a good rod you can not catch the fish in the right way.

Also in today’s world when there are 100’s of fishing rods and each one is claiming to be better than others.

Finding the best one for your own needs is difficult.

We researched for more than 10+ hours and made a buyer’s guide for top 10 best ice fishing rods.


Product NameWeight 
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Combo8 ounces Check Price
Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod2.2 ounces Check Price
Berkley Lightning Ice Fishing Rod0.8 ounces Check Price
Piscifun Storm Spinning Rod Portable51 ounces Check Price
Baitrunner Noodle Rod5.6 ounces Check Price
Fenwick Aetos Rod - (Editor's Choice)1.4 pounds Check Price
Frabill 371 Rod3.2 ounces Check Price
Celsius Boiling Point Ultra-Light Rod16 ounces Check Price
Lunkerhunt First ICE Action Fishing Rod3.2 ounces Check Price
Frabill Fin-S Pro Ice Fishing Rod8 ounces Check Price


1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Combo

<img src="Shakespeare-Ugly-Stik-GX2.jpg" alt="Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 ice fishing rod">

Let’s start this best ice fishing rods review by beginning with the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 combo ice fishing rod.

First of all, the very first thing we enjoy about the ice fishing rod is the fact that it’s comfortable to use.

Constructed using an EVA foam grip and completely ergonomic that’s comfortable to grip.

The reel has a spinlock for extra safety for fishing, Although it’s constructed with one-piece stainless steel guides, Which provides extra security and durability.

It’s a 20 size spinning reel using one ball bearing so that it is simple to shed your lineup from the fishing hole, and the reel as well.

This fishing rod also includes a durable stainless steel frame so that it may maintain high-performance through harsh and long winters, throughout the year.


  • It has an EVA foam handle that’s comfortable while fishing and can give you a good grip while using the rod.
  • This ice fishing rod is very durable, so it can hold the pressure under the cold water in winters and can long up to years.
  • Also For extra security, this rod has a twist lock.
  • If you are using it for the first time, then you might feel the reel a little bit hard.

2. Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

<img src="Fiblink-Graphite-Ice-Fishing-Rod.jpg" alt="Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod">

Let us look at another amazingly durable rod, this fishing rod comes in two distinct sizes, so that you may either get it at the 24-inch medium-light power rod of this 30-inch moderate power rod.

Also, the rod is set up with a comfortable and ergonomically designed cork grip, which can be pleasant to maintain and quite simple to grip.

It’s a graphite rod. Therefore it’s not just incredibly lightweight and flexible, but also strong and durable. This rod is sterile throughout the handle so it can get much more lightweight and balanced texture. That’s why it is in our best ice fishing rods list.

This Fiblink also contains a great feature together with all the aluminum oxide guides, making the rod even lighter and stronger, and also provide your lineup with a simple pass when falling and reeling.

  • This ice fishing rod comes with two different sizes including a 24-inch rod and a 30-inch rod.
  • The best feature in this rod it that it has a cork grip which feels much comfortable rather than an EVA grip, and it also gives you extra control over your rod.
  • This rod has an aluminum oxide guide which helps you to deploy your fishing line, without becoming caught easily.
  • Rod feels sterile throughout the handle which gives it a lightweight and well-balanced feel.
  • designed to be balanced, Lightweight yet powerful.
  • This rod has elastic feel because it has a graphite base which is the main reason that it can’t handle much weight.


3. Berkley Lightning Ice Fishing Rod

<img src="Berkley-Lightning-Ice-Fishing-Rod.jpg" alt="Berkley Lightning Ice Fishing Rod">

Let us Look at a mixed rod today, with all the Berkley’s best ice fishing rods this Lightning Rod has a cork grip. made out of fibreglass hat’s why this rod is incredibly comfortable and light.

The cork handle is comfortable to the touch, threaded so it will not tear your hands up, and holds in warmth so that your palms will not freeze while walking.

This rod employs oversized guides which are lightweight, durable, and thread your line right.

It has a mild, graphite spinning reel, and ball bearing drive for simple casting and reeling. Also, it comes in many different sizes and activities so you can find the best one for your preferences.

  • The only rod fully constructed out of fibreglass. Which gives it a super strong lightweight body, with durability and  comfort.
  • It also has a cork grip, which makes the rod handy, easy to use and comfortable to grip without making your hand sweaty.
  • It comes in different sizes you can get your’s with your own needs.
  • nothing quite new while looking at the performance of this rod.

4. Piscifun Storm Spinning Rod Portable

<img src="Piscifun-Storm-Spinning-Rod-Portable.jpg" alt="Piscifun Storm Spinning Rod Portable">

Let us now have a look at the Piscifun Storm spinning rod. What distinguishes this rod from a number of the bunch.

When it comes to best ice fishing rods, is that rather than being mainly stainless steel, without using steel it’s being made out of 24-ton graphite.

The graphite creates the rod more flexible without sacrificing strength. The material makes it feel supple and light.

This version of the fishing rod has especially made for a spinning reel, so bear this in mind. In the body, the rod has ceramic inserts and stainless steel dioxide guides.

Research indicates these are 25 times more durable and 60 percent lighter than your typical stainless steel manuals, and are ideal for braided line usage.

The rod is more comfortable to hold with it is totally mild, balanced, and ergonomically designed handle. It’s intended to improve comfort and reduce fatigue as you’re holding it.

  • This rod is made from graphite to make the rod lightweight, durable and well-balanced.
  • Also, it’s far lighter when compared to other brands who use steel to make their best ice fishing rods, which makes this rod much powerful.
  • This ice fishing rod uses ceramic and steel dioxide guides which makes them 24x more durable and much lighter than conventional stainless steel guides.
  • You don’t have to worry about the line because it uses braided line.
  • Takes time to get used to it because of its fibreglass body.

5. Baitrunner Noodle Rod

<img src="Baitrunner-Noodle-Rod.jpg" alt="Baitrunner Noodle Rod">

It’s just another rod which fits in our best ice fishing rods category which has a slightly different structure from other ice fishing rods in this particular review.

This rod is made from 28 inches of E-glass, making it very sensitive, and strong and durable.

It’s a stable hook setting along with a solid backbone for tackling any fish.

Another unusual feature concerning this interesting rod is the handle includes a built-in, synonymous bait cup. It makes it simple to get saved bait and tackle.

Assembled with an ABS layout the handle, which provides the rod with an additional sensitivity and can be self-centering, to provide you with a much better position on your reel.

Rod works nicely as an ice fishing rod, and has the feel and look of a custom-made fishing rod.

  • It has built-in interchangeable bait cup.
  • made out of E-GLASS which is sensitive and durable.
  • This rod looks just fine and,  doesn’t offer anything special. compared to other rods with the same calibre.

6. Fenwick Aetos Rod – (Editor’s-Choice)

<img src="Fenwick-Aetos-Rod.jpg" alt="Fenwick Aetos Rod">

Best Ice fishing rods need to be resilient to a variety of mishaps. However, they should also come with the ideal weight for your precise requirements.

If you’re on the market for a brand-new rod which permits you to concentrate on your performance, the Fenwick ice fishing rods may be exactly the best option.

It’s a versatile and extremely usable option has praised time and more.

It is sensitive and capable of exceptional performance as a result of the high-modulus sterile structure, ceramic framework guides, ceramic inserts, in addition to Fuji Skeleton reel seats.

After having examined the consumer comments gathered via this version, we’ve concluded it is good for you since it appears to offer lots of value for every single penny invested.

  • The Fenwick Aetos is a light rod that does its job beneath a wide selection of conditions.
  • Having a high-quality construct, you may be sure that the rod will serve you for a long time, however, you can’t get the ice fishing adventure in the harsh weather.
  • Also, the Aetos offers three sizes ranging from 25″ to 30″ with varying powers and activities.
  • Another thing worth mentioning about this decision is that it includes ceramic manuals and inserts, that are effective at reducing friction and enlarging the overall durability of the goods.
  • Given it is light and sensitive, you want a little bit of expertise to deal with this rod correctly.
  • Some complaints revolve around the simple fact that this rod appears to be a little stiffer than that which some fishermen’s may have anticipated it to be.

7. Frabill 371 Rod

<img src="Frabill-371-Rod.jpg" alt="Frabill 371 Rod">

Comes with primary titanium guides, the rod is equally lasting and lightweight, which essentially means that you will not have any difficulty managing it.

The substances that the device has produced from is strong and will unavoidably set up with the misuse of extreme temperatures of the weather.

Also, the rod has outfitted with a good cork grip to that the graphite reel seat has added.

Each these details are impressive when we were to think about the amount of money that you’d need to spend on the rod.

We could not help noticing it generally costs under fifty bucks, which makes it more precious than any other Best Ice fishing rods.

So far, the device has received positive reviews. Some ice fishers say that the rod has considerably influenced their functionality and with its help, they were able to catch more fish.

  • This rod features primary titanium guides which have practically monopolized. The manuals maintain the fishing line level on the fishing rod to efficiently prevent tangles and breakage.
  • Light and also incredibly durable, With resilience the manuals have created against damage or cracks under sub-zero temperatures.
  • You’ll undoubtedly love the good cork manage at a split grip layout. It offers effortless control and delivers sufficient sensitivity that will assist you to feel that the fish are biting.
  • The blank-through-handle structure effectively absorbs vibrations from the water directly to your hand, helping you to act quickly to do hook setting.
  • Customers have complained that this product has a loud click sound.
  • It is heavier than other ice fishing rods in this price range

8. Celsius Boiling Point Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Rod

<img src="Celsius-Boiling-Point-Ultra-Light-Ice-Fishing-Rod.jpg" alt="Celsius Boiling Point Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Rod">

This rod is an ultra-light ice fishing combo. This rod also offers three distinct activities: Ultra-light, Medium, and Medium Heavy.

The rod used in this fishing combo is excellent. But, there aren’t any strings in combination.

For this reason, you have to receive it by yourselves. The handle is somewhat awkward but can withstand harsh environments.

It might not be in the best ice fishing rods list but does the work quickly. You can get this at a very affordable price.

  • It has EVA handle for a comfortable grip with Camo patterned.
  • This rod has straight guides.
  • It could feel little stiffer at the bottom.

9. Lunkerhunt First ICE Action Fishing Rod

<img src="Lunkerhunt-First-ICE-Action-Fishing-Rod.jpg" alt="Lunkerhunt First ICE Action Fishing Rod">

brilliant layout and endurance that’s why these best ice fishing rods are extremely popular.

Constructed with exceptional vertical and flat clean technologies Many of Lunkerhunt fishing rods are for extraordinary flexibility and higher durability.

You’ll also find a tough time to discover a similar ice fishing rod, and if you get one of those rods, you’ll honestly feel the vibe.

This unique vertical clean technology offers high flexibility with ultra-sensitivity.

Additionally, it features Lunkerhunt’s advanced Ice Flex Technology. Therefore, the soft ideas may discover the strikes reasonably easily.

The backbone can haul the lunkers into the hole when required.

  • It has Ice Flex Technology.
  • Also Soft tip for detecting strikes..
  • Good for beginners with a low budget.
  • It’s not that strong.

10. Frabill Fin-S Pro Ice Fishing Rod

<img src="Frabill-Fin-S-Pro-Ice-Fishing-Rod.jpg" alt="Frabill Fin-S Pro Ice Fishing Rod">

Finally, last but not least, in our list of best ice fishing rods. we have Frabill Fin-S Pro which is a lightweight fishing rod with good carbon blanks for enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness.

Foot ice aids are rust proof and are composed of stainless steel.  Built with mixed graphite material.

This rod is a good choice, Best suited to a selection of fishermen, and there’s a 3 and one ball bearing reel which has a very balanced structure for a pure experience.

It may remain strong in the frozen temperatures and using foot snow aids with stainless steel finishing. It also has a reel seat with a solid silk grip offering excellent responsiveness.

Perfectly balanced for supreme relaxation and easy catch.

Having a unique structure of graphite and fiberglass top matches your fishing style solid tapered blanks to decrease line grab and rapid folding handle which guarantees high performance.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Perfect for small to medium fish.
  • Rust free stainless steel foot snow aids.
  • Constructed with fiberglass.
  • Does not hold the reel nicely.
  • Not that inexpensive.

The Way to Pick Best Ice Fishing Rods

The selection of the best ice fishing rods is ideal for you typically rest to a few essential requirements — the construction materials of this rod and the electricity of the rod.

Also, to simplify matters, think about yourself as a single angler and put your particular expectations of a fishing rod that would be perfect for you. If the above primary features have appropriately accounted for. You need to be able to narrow the field down considerably.

Let’s now go more in-depth to the necessary features involved with the creating of a fantastic ice fishing rod.

Base substances

Choose a suitable base material which will able to resist the forces of the fish; you are going after.

Also, graphite constructed rods are more responsive and milder.

The graphite rod is less sensitive to the cold weather.

You might encounter a rod that’s constructed from carbon fiber and find it lightweight, which is an excellent option if you are looking for a lightweight rod.

carbon fiber rod can be solid lightweight, sensitive and durable too

Rod electricity

Best Ice fishing rods has divided into a couple of categories based on the amount of strength that they have. The most frequent types are ultra-light, mild, moderate, and thick.

Which category your rod falls under has to do with the sort of fish you’re after and your favorite kind of fishing.

Heavy activity rods work well on the most significant fish species you may aspire to capture like pike or lake trout. Invariably, the decreased activity rods are more skillful with smaller species which range from two to 12 lbs.

Varieties of  Bases To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Rods

Finally, one rod won’t land all of them. If you’re well informed about particular sorts of fish that your rod is capable of catching.

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