Whether you are traveling, backpacking or just on a day hiking having a BEST BACKPACK RAIN COVER will keep your gear safe and dry when caught in wet weather.BEST BACKPACK RAIN COVER

When you’re walking through the woods or up a mountain trail, a sudden storm can soak your backpack and everything in it. This means your electronic equipment snacks, and extra clothing will be absorbed and potentially destroyed.

One option is to take a waterproof backpack or dry tote, but a number of those bags do not necessarily offer all of the features (e.g., storage, capacity, etc.) you want in a backpack.

Another is having one of the best backpack rain covers to guard your equipment against unexpected changes in the weather.

They’re also simple to use, with little fumbling when you’re rushing to wrap up your backpack before it’s sopping wet.

If you are considering adding one of these to your bedside rain gear, take a look at our backpacking rain cap reviews for the best ones on the market.

Product NameWeight 
CamelBak Rain Cover2 pounds Check Price
Osprey UltraLight Raincover - (Editor's Choice)5.6 ounces Check Price
OUTAD Backpack Rain Cover 4.9 ounces Check Price
Mountainsmith Backpack Rain Cover3.8 ounces Check Price
Terra Hiker Backpack Rain Cover3.84 ounces Check Price
Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover7 ounces Check Price
Deuter Rain Cover8 ounces Check Price
Sea to Summit Ultra-Light Pack Cover6.4 ounces Check Price
Gregory Backpack Raincover5.6 ounces Check Price
Jepeak Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover5.1 ounces Check Price


1.CamelBak Rain Cover<img src=

Keep your equipment safe from wet weather using this rain cover from CamelBak. It’s not difficult to use, attaching into luggage with a hook and loop closure system.

All you need to do is slip the black elastic strap under the shoulder straps of the bunch, and then thread it through the woven loop. Then secure it using the velcro attachment. Finally, seal everything up using the handy drawstring at the base of the backpack rain cap.

Since it’s lightweight, this BEST BACKPACK RAIN COVER will not weigh you down as it does its job. It is a bright yellow to keep you visible to the rest of your party. Best of all Can use different sizes with a vast array of backpacks.

If you are looking for a lightweight and simple to pack waterproof backpack cover, the CamelBak Rain Cover is a perfect option.


2.Osprey UltraLight Raincover – Best Backpack Rain Cover<img src=

After the downpour begins, you do not wish to be fighting to hide your equipment. That is why the Osprey rain cover is straightforward to use. It has a whole wrap-around breeze attachment, which unites with a safe hipbelt and exploits affections to keep your belongings safe from the saltwater.

As it’s made entirely of 40D Nylon ripstop fabric, it is going to endure some rough use while you’re out in the woods. This Osprey backpack rain cover is also lightweight so that you won’t stress your back carrying it with you.

Although the cover itself is black, the print on it’s a white reflective substance, which is great once you’re in a crisis. When not in use, this best backpack rain cover packs up small into its handy carry case.

With its durable construction from high-quality materials, the Osprey UltraLight Raincover is our best pick for the best backpack rain cover. Plus, it comes from one of the most admired backpack brands out there

3.OUTAD Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover – Budget backpack rain cover

<img src=

Since it’s meant to protect your gear, the best backpack rain cover is durable enough to withstand some tugs and pulls whether you’re using it. The OUTAD Waterproof Backpack Cover uses rip-resistant polyester oxford fabric in their waterproof backpack cover for this purpose.

It’s a reinforced bottom, which means you don’t need to maintain your package onto your back while resting in a damp area. As well as the water, this rain cover backpack also keeps your stuff cleaner by blocking out dirt and sand as well.

It is available in many different sizes to match most backpacks, whether you are out of them in the wild or to carry your books to college. When the sun comes out, you can tuck this rainproof backpack into its included drawstring storage bag until you need it again.


4.Mountainsmith Backpack Rain Cover<img src=

With four different sizes to pick from, you won’t have any trouble finding Mountainsmith waterproof hiking backpack cover to fulfill your needs. It’s made from 190T taffeta nylon for rugged usage without fear of leaking. The seams are even sealed and taped for extra protection.

You will find a hook and loop closure system that’s easy to use, even when you’re in a rush. It has angled cord attachments For much less strain, and there’s a full circumference drawcord for a tight fit.

It also allows you to quickly fold up your waterproof bag cover when it is no longer needed.

5.Terra Hiker Backpack Rain Cover<img src=

In case you have to struggle with a complicated closure system, your gear can get soaked by the time that the package rain cover is protected. That’s why the Terra Hiker Waterproof Pack Cover uses a very simple drawstring closure to tighten and secure your bag quickly and easily.

This waterproof cover for backpack travel has a PU coating that protects your possessions and is fully seam-sealed to eliminate leakage. The bottom is reinforced to prevent harm should you put your luggage to a rougher surface, and the rest of the material is scratch resistant.

Terra Hiker’s best backpack rain cover comes in three different colors, such as black, bright blue, or camouflage for mixing in with your surroundings. The handy carry bag makes it effortless to keep it until you want it.


6.Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover<img src=

In a crisis, visibility becomes the most important thing. There are also reflective images on the back for added clarity in the dark.

There is a wrap-around breeze attachment to secure the Osprey rain cover to your backpack. The hipbelt and harness accessories add more protection, reducing dripping in the toughest downpour.

After the rain stops, and you’re prepared to continue your travels, this waterproof cover for a backpack can folds down to the size of a tennis ball. You can tuck it into a pocket and forget about it until the next time the clouds threaten to soak you.


7.Deuter Rain Cover<img src=

This waterproof backpack cover can easily match over almost any washer ranging from 3050 to 5500 cubic inches.

The taffeta-nylon material used for this particular cover is coated with polyurethane to keep the water out. The seams are all tape sealed for extra protection against leaks.

Both the glowing blue and the neon yellow colors have 3M reflective images on the outside of the bag for extra visibility. Additionally, it rolls up into a small package for simple transport.


8.Sea to Summit Ultra-Light Pack Cover<img src=

The Sea to Summit Ultra-Light Best Backpack Rain Cover lives up to its name, with the tiniest cover weighing two ounces, along with the large coming in at a little 4.6 ounces. No matter which size you select, this rain tote cover will never consider you down.

There are also seven colors to choose from, which means you won’t have any trouble picking one which suits your personality as well as your needs. The miniature siliconized nylon stuff sack is attached to the cover, lowering the probability of losing it during your journeys.

Produced from 30D diamond ripstop siliconized Cordura.

you’ll never need to think about the waterproof finish wearing off after some heavy use. There are no pits on this cover, so leaking may not be an issue.


9.Gregory Backpack Raincover<img src=

The bright blue or orange shade and the reflective emblem on the back keep you visible to all those around you.

even during the darkest storm.

The material used in this durable rainproof backpack protects 210-denier foam coated nylon. All the seams are taped to seal out any water which could soak your equipment.

The strap on the rain cover keeps it tight for your backpack. The strongest winds will not change your Gregory package cover.


10.Jepeak Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

<img src=

The very best backpack rain cap is as durable as it is watertight, to resist tears that could let water in and soak down everything on your bag.

The wear-resistant nylon material of this Jepeak Ultralight Pack Cover resists scratches which could destroy the cover’s effectiveness. It is also seamless for extra protection against the weather.

There’s an elastic cord around the edge of the cover to make it easy to adjust it to different sizes of backpacks for the tightest,  most secure fit you can manage.

Even though there is no carry tote included.

this waterproof cover for backpack use folds small enough to fit into almost any pocket. It also comes in four stylish colors to keep you looking great in any weather.


Backpack Rain Cover Buying Guide – Get The BEST BACKPACK RAIN COVER

Why Get a Best Backpack Rain Cover?

Though many backpacks manufacturing firms use water-resistant material, they are seldom 100% waterproof. A rain cap can give you the excess protection required to keep your gear safe from moisture, eliminating the risk of wet clothing and fried electronics.

A waterproof backpack is easy to carry because it folds small enough to tuck into a spare pocket when traveling. When needed, you pull it out, slip it over your bag, and fix any closures you will find to hold it in place.

The beauty of these backpack covers is that they can get in used to pay your luggage while backpacking, hiking, camping, biking, or even walking into school on a rainy day.

They are lightweight, so you won’t even notice it is there, though you will be thankful for this when the rain begins pouring down on you.

What Do You Require — Waterproof Backpack vs. Rain Cover?

Waterproof backpacks are the ultimate gear option that will keep all your gear dry, but there are a couple of reasons why you may choose to decide on a waterproof pack cover instead.

Waterproof backpacks are created from fully waterproof material, And that’s the most important thing which you need to keep your gear dry. However, they are more substantial and less supple than traditional backpacks. You also give up some performance with storage choices in several waterproof backpacks.

The other problem is that punctures can occur at any time. After a hole forms on your pack, the waterproofing goes out the window. Consist of countless holes that could even leak if not entirely taped.

Having a waterproof backpack rain cover can be a fantastic solution.

especially if you love the package you presently have and do not expect to use it in extreme wet weather. Also made from polyester or nylon, usually with some waterproof coating, which retains the water out without adding extra weight.

They’re versatile enough to fit over a variety of pack shapes and sizes. But like the backpacks, they are sometimes torn, reducing their effectiveness if not correctly repaired.

Rain covers have the additional advantage of being compact enough to be kept in a small pocket until they are wanted.

They cover nearly the whole pack, and several even have reinforced bottoms for added protection if you set your backpack down on a moist surface.


how to choose the ideal backpack covers.


How much are you willing to spend on your new backpack cover? This, of course, is the first thing you need to figure out. This significant for it will provide you with a clear picture of what you want considering these items includes varying price tags. Sometimes, the sum of money that you will spend will mostly rely on the material that you’re opting for. The dimensions of this cover will even determine what you’re going to pay.

For instance, the more durable the material, the more money you’re going to function with as for the size; the more significant the cover, the more price. There is absolutely no way around it. However, considering what you can buy from such covers, they are quite worth every single penny. They are flexible and offer more durability. So in regards to cost, decide on a cover that’s going to satisfy your needs well concerning the budget.

Type Of Material:

In recent years, we have continued to see distinct backpack covers come in various materials. For that, you may want to choose according to your requirements. For instance, if you’re looking for something that is lasting and better against wears and tears, opting to get a snow-rain cover will make a good deal of sense. It’s the best selection for all those emotionally and physically demanding backcountry pursuits.

Waterproof Vs Water Repellent :

Among the principal reasons why you are getting the best backpack rain cover in the first place is to protect your back from rain and moisture.

For this, you might want to evaluate how competent is the cover in regards to protecting your backpack from coming in contact with water.

You may have heard of waterproof and water repellent, and the two have retained you feeling confused

So what are the differences? When we speak of watertight material, we’re stating the water will glide across the outer areas, but won’t in any manner soak the fabric. But, water repellent includes the same properties only during light rains, but it cannot survive the heavy downpours.

So when it comes to waterproof feature, your best backpack rain cover has, it’s important to think about the season.

in which you are going to increase, also, the type of activities you are likely to get yourself into will ascertain the cover you’re going to take along with you.

In the end, the cover you buy has to be able to protect your back from the rain and any other moist weather conditions. After all, that was the reason why you bought it.

Extra features and Gizmos:

The same as other hiking products, rain-cover do largely when it has to do with its features and performance.

While most of them have been designed to only offer protection against the pouring rain.

the others also come packed with additional pockets.

This is an amazing and helpful feature. After all, a pocket onto your best backpack rain cover will permit you to quickly grab something as you are hiking.

instead of having to stop, make you back down, find that small item like your camera out.

Size :

How big do you need your backpack rain cap to be? Ideally, you need something that can cover your back without leaving some areas uncovered. We could say the type of backpack you have will decide what you will buy in the long term. The bigger the back the larger the cover you want. But the majority of the time buyers are advised to buy something which is a little bigger in size. That will include lots of advantages. By way of example, you can attach something to all those additional pockets from the rain cap.

If you are going to devote a few times in the wilderness and you have a slightly bigger sleeping bag.

that will also determine the sort of pay to decide on.

A larger cover will probably cost you more money.

but that shouldn’t be of any problems considering all of the fantastic things you can do with it. The bigger, the better.

Durability :

After spending a couple of bucks on your best backpack rain cover.

the last thing you want is it look for some problems.

After a couple of days or even a couple weeks of usage.

You need something that you could use now and for many years to come. Keeping that in mind, you may want to check for its durability before you pay for this. Always go for a cover that is lightweight, but durable.

If you aren’t sure about the amount of durability which specific cover includes, do your background check. It will make sense if you invest around 5 minutes in your computer because you comb through distinct reviews. Get to see what other customers are saying about that particular backpack rain cover. This is important for that alone will provide you with a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into. Whatever the case, the cover must be wear-resistant and one that can get used in the rugged wilderness. It cannot get better than that.


Many hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts won’t put as much thought on the colors of the backpack rain covers.

Best backpack rain covers include quite reflective graphics in their backside. Well, to know, that’s not only for style. Those stylish graphics can aid your fellow hiker’s spot where you are. Those reflective colors and images will help pick up the moonlight or even that light from a flashlight. If you ever get lost, the rain cover may help you to get located with ease.

How To Care For Your Best Backpack Rain Cover:

Pretty much as any other outdoor gear, your rain cap needs good care for it to keep its properties. You need to wash it well and give it the right remedy for long-lasting. However, when it comes to washing, keep in mind to not use those fabric softeners. They will harm the materials utilized.

In regards to maintenance, the first thing you need to remember is to shield your rain cover against the dirt.

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